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EUHT Video Surveillance Solution

EUHT Video Surveillance Solution


EUHT wireless video surveillance solution can be widely used in safe cities, airports, transportation, industrial parks, scenic areas, water conservancy, forest fire prevention, oil fields, construction sites and other scenes and fields with video surveillance needs. The solution effectively solves the problems of traditional wired video surveillance technology, such as difficult construction, poor scalability, low flexibility, and difficulty in maintenance.

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Detailed introduction

The EUHT-based video surveillance system mainly includes three parts: front-end monitoring point, network transmission and computer room center. It can support three kinds of network architectures: fixed video surveillance system, mobile video surveillance system and hybrid video surveillance system.

The main features are as follows:
Easy to construct

It is easy to install without the need to break the soil and deploy the fiber.

Strong scalability

When the original monitoring area is to be covered by the blind area monitoring, the monitoring point can be directly added to the original link, and no large-scale network transformation is needed.

Strong flexibility

Flexible monitoring points can be set up as needed for rapid deployment. In the event of an emergency or mobile, it is possible to set up a new wireless monitoring point at any position within the wireless signal coverage area, or to arrange a monitoring point with the emergency vehicle movement, regardless of whether the wired fiber is in place.

Easy to maintain

The system contains a small number of devices, fast diagnosis, and convenient remote management.

Complete independent intellectual property rights

Nufront has a full set of dedicated intellectual property, central equipment, terminals and total solution for the EUHT system, which is safe and controllable.

The overall cost is low

In the traditional video surveillance solution, the construction cost of the ground-breaking accounts for 50% to 60% of the total cost of the solution. The EUHT wireless video surveillance solution can greatly save construction costs.

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